Friday, February 04, 2005

Blood On The Rooftops

Well, this week i have mostly been downloading from allofmp3 at 2cents a megabyte which is fantastic value and makes itunes and napster look a tad overpriced. It may not be a complete online catalogue but there is a very good choice and you can choose the encoding bitrate.

And because it's so cheap, I've been downloading stuff I wouldn't have normally bothered with which leads me onto this tune, Blood On The Rooftops by Genesis from the album Wind And Wuthering.

This takes me right back to the late Seventies - Paul's back room playing Genesis, Walking around Manchester City Art Gallery, 6th form Art classes, breaking into ste's Ford Escort with a penny and leaving it in gear with the wind screen wipers on and indicators flashing, meeting the lads on Friday/saturday night for a pint in the Brittania at 27p a go....Eeeeee it were reet grand.

Not forgetting hours and hours of guitar practice playing along to it.

Even though it's sung by Phil Collins, it's still a great tune with bitter sweet lyrics that capture O'Blighty quite well.