Friday, October 01, 2004

(Damian) - Various

I am honoured to contribute to your blog.

I've given this some thought and there are quite a few tracks with important and memorable associations.

Led Zeps The Song Remains The Same, always evokes 45 Belfield Mill Lane on a cold winters day in 1978 when we should have been in the sixth form centre.

Paul Young's, Wherever I Lay My Hat from August 1983 in Weymouth. We used to rib Ste Wild about a terrible song also from 1978, called, I think "I am your automatic lover". Cant remember quite why we ribbed Ste about that.

One special one, again from 1978 evokes the time Sir Tumble and I painted a boat. This boat was situated, in a 16th Century Farmhouse in Walsden, between Littleborough and Todmorden. We lunched in the Bird in t' hand pub across the road, and we stayed there overnight, once I think. It is reputed to be haunted but the only spirits I saw where the half empty bottles under the bed. The song I most remember hearing while we worked was "Life's Been Good To Me So Far", by Joe Walsh. I just like the bit about the Masarati doing 185.

Its by no means the greatest track in the world, but it does have a feelgood element about it

There's also "High Rise", by the Train Spotters from 1979. Cant find that anywhere.

One last one

I'm fortunate enough to have a CD player in my car and, after much experimentation, I have reached the conclusion that the best track to listen to as one drives up the long and not at all lonely Motorways to Rochdale, is the Rolling Stones Street Fighting Man. This song always puts me in a good mood, and makes the journey a little more bearable

Have a listen to Forty Licks here...