Saturday, September 11, 2004

(Rob) Status Quo - Gerdundula

if we are sending music to each other, music that meant a lot at the time, have this.

I used to sit in my bedroom, listening to Status Quo and not understanding why everyone took the piss out of me for liking them. Everyone, that went up to the farm was into the Doobie Brothers (who, at the time, I thought were a bit crap -there was problem in my head that I couldn't square, they had long hair and facial hair, yet the music wasn't loud and fast enough for me to call it heavy) or The Beatles, (who, whilst I thought they were ok, did nowt for me really) Remember, my brother had gone and left a huge record collection at my disposal and I had hour upon hour to listen to some seriously heavy music.

Satus Quo? it's all the same, everyone said but it's not all the same thought I. I know they're crap, now that I've got older but i recently downloaded this tune again and I reckon it's great.

Listen here...